Love Story

Sasan Moayyedi, Iran

Iran-Iraq war is the most prolonged war of the twentieth century after the Vietnam War. One of the ominous aftermaths of this war, is the unexploded landmines that seem everlasting.

The story of landmines is one of the stories that preserves the war’s poisonous theme and remains for coming generations.

There are still villages and towns that war has not stopped for their residents.

“Love Story” is the narrative of a boy called Salah Saeedpour, born on August 23, 1986 in Marivan County, Kurdistan Province, Iran. Fifteen years after the end of Iran-Iraq war, as Salah has growth adolescent and just in the time when war and bloodshed were replaced by peace and love, he becomes the victim of the silent war. On September 7, 2001 while he was having a picnic with his family, he stepped on an unexploded concealed landmine somewhere near Bashmaq, the border of Marivan and Iraqi Kurdistan and lost his two hands (from the wrist) and his two eyes.

Like most of the landmine victims, Salah had to get along with his new situation. So he didn’t give up and started to do the sports in order to come back to the normal routine of everyday life. After three years of confrontation with different problems and disagreements due to his physical limitations, he succeeded to marry a gorgeous girl called Serveh Amini (born on June 14, 1991) in November 2014. My photographic project began four months after their marriage.

I believe that my assignment in photography is recording the unforgettable memories that make the life meaningful and prevent it from becoming habitual. To me, the most precious joy of life is love and the real overwhelming love of Salah and Serveh, has established a deep emotional relationship between us that I’ve decided to continue the project until the last day of my professional career.

Serveh kindly helped Salah to study law at university and earn his B.S. Moreover, Salah has stood on several national and international champion podiums in swimming and track and field and has obtained numerous medals as an athlete.

This lovely couple are also among the advocates of the natural environment, or better said, all environments that bear some signs of life and liveliness, in order to make the world a better place for existence.

From my point of view, Salah and Serveh are the pure models of humanity and their perspective through life is admirable.

The true surviving part of Salah and Serveh’s life, which is visible in my pictures, is respecting the differences.

Trying to surmount the difficulties and overcome the problems together and by noticeable self-devotion, Salah and Serveh showed that life is replete with beauty and “love” plays a vital role in exhibiting these beauties.


1- Attending the Tehran International Book Fair (TIBF) Every year
Studying, researching and improving is one of the common interests of this couple.

2- Salah and Sarveh’s Selfies Capturing lasting moments for their future children so that they know they have live every moments of their life with love.

3-Sarveh Reading One of Salah’s Favorite Novels.

4- Sarveh Cutting Salah’s Hair Savreh always pays attention to Salah’s appearance and orderliness.

5-Salah’s Eye Prosthesis Residing in my Library.

6- Sarveh’s Birthday party in the Presence of my camera A simple, intimate and loving birthday party.

7-Sarveh Cleaning the Prosthesis of Salah’s Eyes.

8-Sarveh Cooking Salah’s Favorite Dish after Losing a Speech Game to Salah.

9- Salah and Sarveh Practicing for the Purpose of Peace in the Middle East. The couple is a supporter of peace. In 2016, on the anniversary of the chemical disaster in Halabja, they cycled with the same bicycle from Marivan to Halabja.

10- Caspian Sea Coast Salah and Sarveh’s different view to life, and honoring it by embracing it, regardless of color, appearance, or method.

11-Salah and Sarveh in their Solitude while Listening to their Favorite Music.

12- Feeding Fish and Migratory Birds in the Lake Zarivar One of the most beautiful hobbies of this couple.

13-Salah’s Birthday party; Dancing and Joyance with the Family.

14- The Last Photo of this Collection:
The Purest Love on Earth
Snow has always been a symbol of purity for me.

15-Sarveh Resting after Driving for Several Hours on the way to Gorgan.

16- Sarveh Recording the Salah’s Endurance Swimming Despite of all shortcomings and difficulties, Sarveh, the wife and guardian angle of Salah, is always studying and improving herself in sports knowledge so that be a supporter and mentor of Salah.

17-Salah, Victim of Silent War, a hero who has never given up despite a 70% disability and difficult conditions.

18- Salah Practicing in Lake Zarivar, a moment of tireless efforts and constant practices of Salah.

19- Just a Few Instance of Various Salah Medals, Efforts and hopes that resulted in winning a large number of championship medals in athletics and swimming.

20- Relaxing in the Heart of Kurdistan’s Nature
The nature that is contaminated by human and caused Salah’s disability

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