2014, the year of remembrance of the First World War, one of the most horrible tragedies in the history of mankind, poses the question which is not easy to answer. That war, with all its tragic facets, had some far-reaching repercussions even after it ended. It more or less brought about the next worldwide carnage, as a result of this war Europe became divided. That division did not end until 25 years ago.

I'm not a historian, but I think that I'm an able observer. It worries me to see the events unfolding in the Eastern Ukraine, Syria, Iraq, Israel, Afghanistan, in the troubled areas of Africa - the list can be continued indefinitely. It's the most current one; a list of all conflicts in the last 5.000 years would be incomparably longer, but would have the same background. Wars are waged over power and very often over religious beliefs, although most religions call for peace.

It's truly disastrous that ordinary citizens are excluded from these decision-making. The elderly monarch Franz Joseph signed the declaration of war on Serbia during an ordinary afternoon audience, while spending summer vacation in Bad Aussee in Austria. A signature with tremendous consequences. One has to wonder whether the aged monarch was aware of all its ramifications.

It almost seems as if man's longing for peace (especially deep after a war) expressed itself in doing everything possible to stir up another conflict. Are men able to live, think and feel peacefully at all? It seems to me they cannot or rather don't want to. Addiction to "more" simply prevails. It starts with territorial claims and ends with technology theft. In between there's a great potential for violence, realised not only on battlefields, but also in economy and private life. Look how often military terminology is used with reference to economy. Quite often, unfortunately. Cyberwar is not a mere buzzword; it's a reality taking place every second.

Why can't men be peaceful? Because our species is greedy and therefore jealous and intolerant, we crave what we don't have and others do. What I'm trying to say is that if we could only reduce greed, no matter where or how, peace would be easier to achieve. So if you ask me what peace may look like my response is: replace the word GREED or JEALOUSY with TOLERANCE. Then this world would be much more peaceful. Only a dream?...