A dark TV screen, a silent radio, a computer without an internet access. This is what the absence of war looks like nowadays. The moment we connect to the world by means of media we are overwhelmed by the images of people in despair and of perpetrators displaying their disgusting acts of inhumanity with blatant delight. Never before has the contradictory dichotomy of information and propaganda been so evident and confusing, resulting in a thorough distrust in any kind of image permeating our sphere of assumed privacy which in itself has become an illusion. And never before has the demand for sobriety and serenity been more important, even vital in order to avoid the trap of one’s own prejudice and misconception. Possibly the only way to evade this seemingly inevitable tension is to engage in a conversation with a fellow human being for the sake of enlightenment and illumination, knowledge and – if necessary – consolation. So peace might look like this and most certainly begins like this: two people having a thoughtful conversation.

Vienna, Aug 14 2014