And again, you Fatzers among us (Lay down your arms!)

I imagine them as a good image for a authentic pacifism, only by their warlike behaviour they are freed of the necessity to present their lack of peace. these warmongers as a peacemakers, as renegades, that would be an unforgettable, unparalleled image. But they do not offer just one their war coverages and peacekeeping operations do not aim at that one only, at relocating peace, but at continuing peace ventures. All these moving images endeavour a sequel. What a peace-like state of the art. What a representative state of the art. Thus, Medial we are well prepared since the constant armament of Hollywood and Babelsberg, come what will. They like peace in pictures even more than if its live to see. This is what peace looks like for them. Cause it is peace they say. But I cant wait for this images of peace to go away. Yet, I cant find any peace here, just used emotions everywhere. This fluctuation really warms my heart. this fluctuation of images of peace. But you do not make such a media spectacle out of it. Yesterday morning I woke up and I thought of peace. I thought to myself that peace looked like in a picture you made. I was quite surprised because I did not even know peace except from that picture. I cannot believe, something said like, everybody who saw that picture would think about peace. Most people believe in the image that they have of peace for themselves. For me it’s really quite trivial. It is this only peace, otherwise we would call it peaces. That is the same with heaven, there is only one. This picture of heavenly peace, that is twice as singular.

Jos Diegel is visual artist and filmmaker, born 1982, plays, experiments, entertains, and is concerned about social-political and normative-narrative structures and understands his happy, interdisciplinary science in constructing post-dramatic and alternative situations in film, video, performance, painting, literature and others.